The BSU partnered with EDT Systems

When Andrew (Andy) Bringuel retired from the famed FBI Behavioral Science Unit he knew that combining his skill set with Col. (retired), Dr. Don Gemeinhardt's (EdD) experience and knowledge could provide value to both the public and private sectors. Whether training police on the mindset of extremists or helping a company's sales force use behavioral assessment tools to improve sales, together BSU and EDT could create a partnership that provides compelling Keynote Speakers, Evidence-based Training, Effective Consultation, Research, and Grant Development services.  

The BSU and EDT can provide:

* Inspiring and engaging Keynote Lectures

* Training from 1 Day to 1 Week (In-person or Remote)

* Agent Bringuel and Dr. Gemeinhardt are rare “pracademics,” bringing the combination of practical experience with academic credentials.

* The BSU and EDT Mission Statement: “To work on interesting projects with interesting people while making a positive impact on the community."

Training and Keynotes: 

* Leadership - Ethics - Business Continuity Planning - Disaster Recovery

* Policing Management - Relational Policing - COP/ILP/ELP - Counter Bias Training 

*Mental health issues - Understanding Aberrant Behavior 

* Crisis Management/Negotiations - Stress Management - Mindfulness - EQ - Resiliency 

* Hate Crimes - Civil Rights Issues

Effective Consultation and Investigative Services:

* Behavioral assessments - Threat Assessments  

* Background Investigations - Discrete C Suite Due Diligence Investigations - Pre-Employment Polygraphs 

* Security - Force Protection & Physical Security - School - Workplace - House of Worship 

Research and Grant Development Services: 

* Grant writing - Grant Development - Evidence-based Research

*Alternative Financial Support